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Τρόποι Πληρωμής

In order to serve you as best we can, we have secured the following payment methods for you:

1.      Payment with Credit Card

We accept Visa, Master Card & Maestro. If you have chosen your credit card as a form of payment, the process will be completed and completed through our trusted partner - a banking institution that provides all the security of electronic transactions. If your card is declined by our system, please verify the accuracy of the information you have submitted. The name and address must be the same as the credit card holder. If the problem persists, please contact your card issuer. Payment will be charged and will be received from the user's account once Mouzakitis receives its order and checks its details.

All credit and debit cardholders are subject to validation and authorization checks by the card issuer. If the entity issuing the user card refuses to give Mouzakitis a payment authorization, the latter can not be held liable for any delay or non-delivery of the order. Mouzakitis makes every reasonable effort to make the site as safe as possible. The credit card details are not registered and are not collected on the website. All credit card transactions are processed using Piraeus Bank's payment technology, which encrypts the user's card details in a secure host environment. Mouzakitis makes every reasonable effort, as far as it can,

Πριν την επιβεβαίωση της παραγγελίας σας θα γίνεται προέγκριση της πιστωτικής σας κάρτας με δέσμευση του συνολικού ποσού (τίμημα και τυχόν συμφωνηθέντα έξοδα λ.χ. μεταφοράς) προκειμένου να γίνει και η αντίστοιχη δέσμευση του(ων) προϊόντος(ων) που θα σας αποστείλουμε. Για ορισμένες πιστωτικές κάρτες που δεν είναι τεχνικά εφικτή η προέγκριση στο στάδιο αυτό θα πραγματοποιείται η οριστική χρέωση του συνολικού ποσού. Σε περίπτωση που στο στάδιο της επιβεβαίωσης της παραγγελίας σας υπάρξει κάποιο πρόβλημα με την προέγκριση σας τότε η Εταιρεία θα έρχεται σε επαφή μαζί προκειμένου να συνεννοηθεί μαζί σας για το θέμα αυτό. Εφόσον κανένας από τους προβλεπόμενους τρόπου επικοινωνίας μαζί σας δεν καταστεί εφικτός για οποιονδήποτε λόγο για διάστημα 10 ημερών από την αποστολή του αιτήματος παραγγελίας σας, το αίτημα σας θα ακυρώνεται αυτομάτως και θα πρέπει να αποστείλετε ξανά αίτημα προς εμάς. Στην περίπτωση αυτή θα σας αποστέλλεται σχετικό μήνυμα ακύρωσης του αιτήματος παραγγελίας σας στη διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου που μας έχετε δηλώσει.

If at any point, even after any dispatch to you of the product you have ordered, although this pre-approval has been obtained, by mistake and / or due to a technical or other problem and / or for any other reason and cause your Company has the right to make a final charge for the amount and costs of your order executed at any later stage at any time less. With your final billing you will be sent a message to the email address you have provided.

In case you choose to pay by credit card it is suggested to be present when you receive your order with your credit card and your identity. If the order is made in the data and on behalf of a company then your credit card is corporate. That is, it has been issued to the relevant company. Also on delivery the authorized holder must be present with the credit card and his / her identity card.

2.      Payment by Bank Deposit

You can pay your order via bank deposit. In this case, you will have to discount your order (and any agreed shipping costs, for example) to begin processing your order request and committing the products included in it to us in one of our accounts of our company appearing on the order form and e-mail you receive as soon as your order is processed, quoting your order code as the reason. To complete your purchase, you must deposit the entire amount in the account: 


If you make the deposit, you will need to send us the copy of the bank order to the info @ Mouzakitis  email . gr . The order will be sent as soon as the deposit is confirmed. In case of non-confirmation, the order is automatically canceled without any warning after the end of 5 (five) days.   

* Any costs of Bank Transactions (either the commission held by each bank by the customer or the commission held by our partner bank for transferring the customer's money to us) or the transfer or deposit of money by the same or other bank to our affiliated Banks, are charged to the buyer and are not included in the price of the products. In the event that any Waiver-Purchase fees are not deposited then your order will not be dispatched until they have been deposited.

In the event of cancellation or modification of your order until the product (s) is shipped, a non-refundable refund procedure will be followed upon contacting us to give us the bank account number to which you wish to deposit.


3.      Pay with PayPal

Paypal is an online payment gateway that allows you to send your payments quickly and safely online using a credit card or bank account. Payment in this case is made under the strict trading conditions imposed by this company. When you choose PayPal as a payment method, you are redirected to the PayPal website where you can send your payment. If you do not already, you can create a new PayPal account.

4.      Cash On Delivery (for deliveries within Greece)

You can pay on delivery if you want to pay your order in cash upon delivery, at extra charge of 3 euros *. The mission of orders made by the ACS C ourier or with ELTA Courier SA 


* Valid regardless of order amount.

Receipt from our store

You can pick up and pay your order from our store in Corfu (Georgiou Theotoki 2 Tel. 2661027052). In this case you will not be charged for shipping costs.

* Orders not received within three (3) business days are considered invalid, they automatically release the corresponding products and do not bind the online store in any way.